Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Runderful Time With Friends at #RnRDal

This past weekend, we made a really quick trip over to Dallas, Texas for their 5th annual Rock n Roll Half-Marathon.  I kept telling myself that I must take it easy on this run because the potential injuries are not worth it and also because I have a relay race the following weekend (I know... I know...). 

I always take one of these :) 
I finished at an okay time - 2:14:04.  It's not my best since after my injuries in 2013, but I did take it easy.  At a 10:14 min/mile pace, I am satisfied with my results.  I also did not train much between this half and the Lil' Rock Epic half... so what did I really expect.  I do know that most of the time, I was concentrating on my new form.  Yup... my running form is changing!  I started running/training with the BON Racing Team and my coach have been correcting my form.  I didn't realize I was heel striking (I think I was heel striking, no on really confirmed with me) and now I'm transitioning to toe strike.  Let me tell you, my calves hurt like no other!  I didn't think it would make a huge difference in terms of muscle usage, but it did.  

Anyway, back to the race.  This race was MUCH better than Little Rock.  It was windy and chilly (about high 40s to lower 50s), but it was not raining! (Thank you God!).  No joke, Dallas was hilly.  There was a stretch where I was thinking to myself if the up-hill was ever going to end.  Overall, I still had a good time hanging out with my friends and getting all sort of free swag at the Expo.  I took enough items to where my bag started to bust.  It's okay, I'm stalking up for next week's relay! I think I have enough Gu and protein bars to survive my first relay (I hope).  

Overall time = 2:14:04
5k = 29.34
10k = 1:02:42
10 mi = 1:42:53

"Three attorneys and a civilian." (inside joke)
Ironically, this was our 6th half-marathon - go us!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Epic Little Rock Half Marathon Recap (and yes, I'll start blogging again)

Honestly, I don't know why I cannot keep up with my blog.  Perhaps I keep trying to "reinvent" it - meaning, I initially started this blog to write restaurant reviews, but then I found yelp.  Then I wanted to do a recipe blog, and wasn't able to keep up.  Now, it'll just be about anything.  It should be easy, right? We'll see.

On March 2, 2014 - my friends and I traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas  for their Epic half-marathon.  It was a fun girls trip and one of many more to come!  It was a really quick trip (we flew in Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon), but it was still a good trip.  

On this trip, I learned that my friends were trying to do 50 races in 50 states.  That really peaked my interest since I love running half-marathons and started doing 'runcations'.  To be honest with you, this was one of the more random events that happened (going to Little Rock) because after talking to one of my friends, I just signed up with them.  I remember thinking how I shouldn't do this because I did sign up for two more races at the end of this month (all in Texas). But I'm glad I did :)

Race day was miserable.  This race reminded me of Chevron half 2013.   When we arrived at the start line, it was about 55 degrees.  Within an hour, the temperature started dropping.  Then, it started raining.  We knew it was going to be cold and rainy because the "Winter Mix" was coming in (just our luck, I know).  What we were all more concerned about was our flight back to Houston.  

Anyway, with our ponchos on, we took off.  One of my girlfriends even found a razorback poncho and used it (she's an Aggie - ha) and at the finish line, she ripped that off.  The race was a bit miserable and cold, but I'm glad we all finished.  It wasn't my best time at all.  In fact, I think this was my second worst time, but I did stop at the port-o-potty line and walked a bit with my friend because she wasn't feeling great.  I even told myself before the race started that this wasn't for time, and it sure wasn't.  

What we didn't learn until we got to the airport... the race had started closing off and re-routed the marathon runners.  Some (or even most) were not able to finish.  They still received their medals, but they were not happy about it.  My friends and I apparently made it right before the started closing the course down.  I assumed it was because of the weather. Our flight was delayed a good few hours and I was just glad to make it back.  

Overall, an awesome trip still and an awesome medal!! The medal was the main reason why we picked this race. I cannot wait for our next runcation! 

Look at my rocking medal! Came here just for this!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Whole30 Recap

Yes, I am horrible at keeping up with my blog and I've been meaning to update... really! However, late is better than never so here's my reap on my Whole30 experience.  

First, I want to apologize for leaving the last 9 days blank, but the last nine days were about the same as all the other days.  I didn't experience anything different from before.  After my Whole30, I did lose weight, but not anything significant.  Honestly, I was a bit disappointed because my experience was not like all the testimony I've read about.  I didn't experience the "tiger blood" nor the crazy cravings for food I haven't had in years.  The only thing I did experience were the headaches at the beginning.  

How Whole30 helped me was learning about how my body works with food.  My cravings for sweets went down dramatically.  I used to have some sort of dessert right when I get home (i.e. ice cream, cakes, etc).  I would even eat sweets that I don't like.  It was bad and I recognized it too.  Now, I am able to pass on the desserts and not want the sugary stuff anymore. 

I am also eating breakfasts every day and that was something I didn't do before.  For most of my life, I went without breakfast (unless I was going out to meet up with friends or have brunch).  I was never really hungry in the mornings and a cup of coffee in the morning was suffice.  

My recovery from my workouts are a lot faster than before.  My soreness usually goes away by mid-day the next day after my work out.  I would wake up sore, but feel great and normal by 11AM.  It's not a bad thing when I'm usually sore all the time. 

So would I continue to do Whole30? I'm not sure.  I've been debating about it for a while.  Currently I am still on Whole30, but I am not sure for how long I'll keep this up.